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Your support of the NFSJ allows us to be at “our best,” quickly responding to pressing social justice issues; uplifting and advocating for those who need it most; and forging diverse and intergenerational relationships. Watch the short video to see why your friends and neighbors support the Network and click below to lend YOUR support!

If you need more information about what we do, please check out our 2022-2023 annual report here
This year, we have moved our entire annual report to a digital format in order to conserve money and paper. 


To foster a movement for systemic change to advance equity and inclusion in the town of Winchester and beyond.



seeks to broaden acceptance for diversity and equity in Winchester by building a strong base of students and adults in an effort to generate a culture change towards inclusion. Learn More >


facilitates confidential conversations and provides support for people who feel they have been targets of, or witnesses to, harassment, bullying, hate crimes, or discrimination. The Committee also conducts responsive advocacy designed to address institutional policies or practices that have resulted in discrimination or exclusion. Learn More >


focuses on advancing dialogue and learning through annual NFSJ signature programs and trainings designed to build community capacity to advance racial and social justice work and facilitate ongoing conversations around difficult topics.  Learn More >


advocates for policies to promote the safety and inclusion of all residents, workers, and visitors to Winchester. Learn More >


promotes critical analysis and understanding of historical representations and contemporary challenges facing Indigenous Peoples, including those who lived on the land now recognized as Winchester. IPAC also advocates with other grassroots groups for the rights of Indigenous Peoples at the town and state level. Learn More >


Click on the icon to read our ongoing series about the impact of language.

The Lived Experience Survey (LES) is a case report for occurrences of discriminatory, marginalizing, harassing, and exclusionary incidents. It is based on similar surveys and seeks to improve how the town of Winchester addresses such identity-based discriminatory behaviors. Click on the icon to take the LES

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If you haven’t checked out our 2020-2021 Annual Report, take a look to learn about how we continue to grow, not only within Winchester—with student internships and efforts to expand affordable housing—but beyond it as well. You can also learn about the Network’s 30 year history by checking out this short video.

We are incredibly proud of how much we are able to accomplish—both through our programs and campaigns—with a budget under $200,000 and a staff of three, two of whom work part-time. 

None of our accomplishments would be possible without the generous support of our donors. If you have given a gift during our current appeal, thank you so much! If you have not, but would like to support the Network, you can do so here.

Winchester is a community that is grounded in respect for every individual, and therefore protects all residents, employees, business owners, students and visitors in the enjoyment and exercise of human and civil rights. It is town policy to ensure equal treatment and opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, country of origin, immigration status, religion, ideology, socio-economic status, health, sexual orientation, age, military status, or disability.  
September 24 2009, updated August 6 2012 & May 18, 2020