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Winchester Sachem: An Inclusive Dialogue about Native Mascot Change

By Katherine Herlihy, Network Intern On Wednesday the 17th, the Winchester Student Allies for Native Mascot Change (WSANMC), in conjunction with the Network, hosted a discussion about racism and the Winchester Sachem mascot. Panelists included: Elizabeth Solomon, Ed Harris and Rhonda Anderson. Nearly one hundred people attended the event, including some Winchester Public School administrators … Read more Winchester Sachem: An Inclusive Dialogue about Native Mascot Change

Winchester Flag Raising Ceremony

On Friday, June 19th the Town of Winchester Select Board, in collaboration with the Network for Social Justice, will raise a rainbow pride flag and a Black Lives Matter flag on the Winchester Town Common. “This is a welcome symbolic gesture from the Town of Winchester that reaffirms its commitment to equality, inclusion and progress,” … Read more Winchester Flag Raising Ceremony

Joint Statement on Police Brutality and Systemic Racism

We condemn hate crimes, police brutality, and the systemic and pervasive institutional factors that have led to the recent violence and trauma impacting communities of color across the country. Taking our lead from NAACP President and CEO, Derrick Johnson, we reiterate that “The uprising spreading across this country is fueled by systemic racial issues that … Read more Joint Statement on Police Brutality and Systemic Racism

COVID-19 and Voting Accessibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the issue of voting accessibility, and particularly voting by mail, to the forefront. This issue is particularly important in this year of national elections. The League of Women Voters is supporting a Massachusetts bill that would ensure all registered voters receive a ballot, providing them the option of voting by mail … Read more COVID-19 and Voting Accessibility

COVID-19 and Native Americans

With the realization that COVID-19 infections have been inequitably distributed, as reflected in the disproportionate number of cases in African American and Latinx communities, health experts predicted a disastrous impact on the more than 5 million people who identify as “American Indian and Alaska Native.” Pandemics have historically wrought catastrophic outcomes on Native communities. Smallpox … Read more COVID-19 and Native Americans

Winchester Select Board Adopts Change to Human Rights Statement

The Immigrant Justice Committee (IJC) of the Network for Social Justice celebrates the Winchester Select Board for its approval of a motion to include references to “country of origin” and “immigration status” to the town’s Human Rights Statement. The IJC submitted the proposed inclusions to the town’s Human Rights Statement for the Select Board’s consideration … Read more Winchester Select Board Adopts Change to Human Rights Statement

COVID-19 and Older Americans

Since the COVID-19 crisis started, the Network has been working to raise awareness about populations that are bearing inequitable burdens during what is inarguably a very difficult time for us all. In case you have missed them, here are the pieces we have written to date about immigrant communities, those with disabilities, those with autism and communities of … Read more COVID-19 and Older Americans

Autism Awareness in the age of COVID

Among the many things that are missing or getting overlooked this month as we mire through the COVID-19 crisis is a celebration of Autism Awareness Month. For the past several years the Network has joined with Brio Integrated Theatre and Lynch Elementary School teacher Jenn Flaherty to mark Autism Awareness Month, a worldwide celebration initiated by the organization … Read more Autism Awareness in the age of COVID