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LET Program on Social Media & Teen Mental Health

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Jill Walsh speak at Monday night’s Social Media & Teen Mental Health Workshop as part of the Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow (LET) program.

Including a presentation from Dr. Walsh and breakout groups for attendees, the evening was full of learning and open discussions that sparked some powerful insights. A young attendee shared a valuable lesson about “how important it is to not look at your phone or social media right before bed because it makes it harder to fall asleep,” while an adult in the audience gained insight into “how to approach teens about the pros and cons of social media.” These takeaways from both age groups are significant steps toward sharing a better understanding on how social media impacts teen mental health.

The LET program is a joint initiative of Social Capital Inc and the NFSJ that seeks to advance mental health awareness and engagement among youth within, and beyond, Winchester and Woburn through a focus on the intersection of mental health, race, and identity. Funding for LET is provided by Winchester Hospital Community Benefits. The JLM Boys & Girls Club and Winchester Coalition for a Safer Community joined SCI and NFSJ as partners for this important workshop.

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