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Network Interns Lead Community Conversation and Flag Re-Raising Ceremony

Written by Network Intern Jessie Lewis

On Tuesday, August 4, Network interns hosted a community conversation via Zoom in response to the theft of the Black Lives Matter and Pride flags from the Winchester Town Common. This conversation focused on the meaning of the flags and what they stand for in Winchester. The conversation was attended by nearly 40 members of the community and covered the history behind each flag, discussion questions, and the idea of allyship.

The definition of allyship was given as “supporting and advocating for a group of people who are different from you and who often are part of a minority population defined by race, economic class, gender, sexuality, or religion.” Conversation participants then discussed strategies for being an effective ally, such as educating yourself and listening to others. The last topic discussed was how to work with others who have opposing views. Brought up by a student curious how to navigate this topic in the workplace, the discussion that followed was a productive dialogue filled with advice and stories from some of the older participants on the Zoom.

The community conversation preceded a flag re-raising ceremony, which was held on the Winchester Town Common on Thursday, August 6th, at a socially distanced event filled with speakers and interactive activities.

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