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NFSJ Supports Affordable Housing Development

Members of the Network for Social Justice’s Board and Response and Advocacy Committee attended the Winchester Zoning Board of Appeal’s meeting on Wednesday, December 4th, to publicly endorse the proposed housing development at 19-35 River Street. In particular, the Network supports the 37 units that would be designated as 40B rental units. Steering Committee Member Felicity Tuttle spoke on behalf of the Network in support of the development.

The minimum affordable housing target for all cities and towns in Massachusetts is 10% of the housing stock of that municipality. Winchester presently falls near the bottom of that list, with 1.9% of our housing stock currently designated as “affordable.” The Network believes that developments such as those proposed at 19-35 River Street will promote an inclusive Winchester by supporting rental housing for aging populations, as well as allowing town employees currently commuting into Winchester to consider residing here as well. 

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