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NFSJ Welcomes Interim Executive Director

The Network for Social Justice Board of Directors is pleased to announce that NFSJ Steering Committee member Rebecca Slisz will be coming on board as our interim Executive Director! 

Rebecca brings skills in building teams and partnerships from her diverse marketing roles in the healthcare and technology sectors and a strong passion for social justice which she has woven into extensive civic engagement. Rebecca’s interest in social justice was ignited as a high school student growing up in Connecticut at the time of a lawsuit there against de facto segregated schools. Her experience as a community organizing intern with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Roxbury inspired a history thesis on women activists in the Boston busing crisis of the 1970s. Post college, Rebecca spent a transformative year in South Africa immersed in the intersection of race, gender and nationality. She was grateful to return to South Africa in 2023 to participate in an international women’s soccer tournament. 

Rebecca and her family have lived in Winchester since 2015 and she has been involved with the Network for over six years. In Winchester, Rebecca has volunteered as a host family with the Lakota YouthStay summer program and coached youth soccer for her son and daughter. Through the Network, she was instrumental in co-chairing the Indigenous Peoples Advocacy Committee and inaugurating the Network’s Indigenous Peoples Day Festival. Rebecca can be reached at

“With her many years as a volunteer with the NFSJ, commitment to its mission, and knowledge of the work we do, Rebecca is uniquely qualified for the role of interim ED. I am excited to collaborate with her over the next few weeks to ensure a successful transition,” said outgoing NFSJ Executive Director Liora Norwich. Please join us in welcoming Rebecca Slisz to the role of interim Executive Director for the Network for Social Justice.

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