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Immigrant Justice Committee

The Immigrant Justice Committee’s goal is to establish the Safe Community Act (Bill S. 1401;  H.3573) in Winchester. 

Committee Objectives

  • Create an inclusive community for immigrants in Winchester
  • Develop Winchester as a model for best practices around welcoming and integrating immigrants into a suburban town
  • Increase accessibility of Winchester for immigrants and those from abroad
  • Promote education around immigration issues


-International Connections resource brochure for those who have immigrated to Winchester

What is the Safe Communities Act? FAQs

Video link from Safe Communities discussion, held November 2019 (or view snippets below)

We were thrilled in April 2022 when Winchester’s Town Meeting members approved a Town Meeting warrant containing an article proposing a Home Rule Petition to support extending voting rights to all adult residents of Winchester, including those who are legally documented non-US citizens. The next step will need to be made by the Commonwealth, but we consider this an important and exciting step forward! 

What to do if you are approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Source:

  • Remain silent when questioned about immigration status.
  • Keep doors closed to ICE officers who show up at homes or businesses unless they have an arrest warrant.
  • Contact an attorney immediately and refuse to sign any documents if detained. 

Safe Communities Act remarks by realtor and Belmont activist Anne Mahon

Safe Communities Act presentation by MA ACLU attorney Laura Rotolo

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If you have a background in immigration law, international human rights, advocacy, or an interest in protecting the rights of our non-citizen residents, please consider joining the IJC.
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