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Indigenous Peoples' Advocacy

Formed in 2018, the Indigenous Peoples’ Advocacy Committee (IPAC), an action arm of NFSJ, promotes critical analysis of historical representations and increased understanding of contemporary challenges facing Indigenous Peoples, including those who lived on the land now recognized as Winchester. IPAC also advocates with other grassroots groups for the rights of Indigenous Peoples at the town and state level.

Land Acknowledgement

As one step toward carrying out our equity and anti-racism initiative, I would like to acknowledge that we are holding this meeting on the ancestral homeland of the Massachusett people, who lived here for thousands of years before European colonists began arriving about 1630.

In the 1600’s, the Massachusett were led by the Saunkswa of Missitekw (called the Squaw Sachem by the colonists), who led her people through epidemics, wars, and displacement. We acknowledge that Winchester exists within a region where lands were taken under unjust and violent circumstances, causing a forced relocation that continues to have harmful effects on native communities.

As part of the town government of Winchester, we recognize our responsibility, now, to be good stewards of this land. 

And we acknowledge that Massachusett, Wampanoag, and other Indigenous people from across the country currently live in Winchester and throughout the state and contribute to our community in myriad ways.

Courtesy of the Winchester Select Board


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