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Response & Advocacy Committee

Have you felt discriminated against or bullied because of your race, gender, class, ability, sexuality, religion, or any other aspect of your identity? Have you been the target of offensive remarks or harassment? Would you, or someone you know benefit from a confidential conversation about how to deal with bias or exclusion?

The RAC provides:

Support, consultation and advocacy for individuals who have experienced or witnessed intolerance, bias, harassment, hate or discrimination. Our response is planned in collaboration with the individual(s) requesting our services and is determined by their needs or wishes.

Examples of RAC responses include:

  • Support for and sensitivity to experiences and practices of religious minorities.
  • A private, confidential consultation
  • A public statement of support
  • A meeting with the individual(s) who have had a negative impact
  • A facilitated conversation
  • An action requesting change in a policy or practice of a local business or town department

RAC Resources

  • Who Lives in Winchester? Housing Options Past and Future Part I video can be found here.
  • Slide deck from Who Lives in Winchester? Housing Options Past and Future Part I presentation. 
  • Additional information about systemic factors influencing Winchester housing.

For more information, please contact the Network at 781-729-7100 or email us



If you have an interest in protecting our community members’ civil rights or a background in community organizing, we would love to have you on our committee. Email us for more information.