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Winchester student allies for native mascot change

We are a group of Winchester High School students who are passionate about social justice. As allies, we strive to amplify the voices of Indigenous Peoples who speak out against misappropriated Native mascots. As students, we believe in the values of Winchester High School that emphasize the importance of inclusivity and equality. We aim for a mascot which all members of the community can feel proud to wear. 

Our mission as student leaders in the Winchester community is to stand with Native American people in the movement for respectful mascots and begin a conversation about how we may accurately honor our town’s history. We provide information about the negative effects of Native American mascots and work in collaboration with the community while considering the concerns and opinions of all.

Winchester Students for Native Mascot Change is an independent group of Winchester-based youth that formed after the October 2019 Civic Gathering Youth Forum and through discussions with the NFSJ’s Indigenous People’s Advocacy Committee. The NFSJ has continued to support the students’ organizing efforts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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But doesn’t Sachem mean chief? Isn’t it honoring Native Americans? Response here

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