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The NFSJ at the State House!

Joining the MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda, Mass Peace Action, and Senator Jason Lewis’s office, the NFSJ organized a State House Lobby Day for the Agenda, which includes five bills addressing Native American concerns. There was a public committee hearing that included one of those bills, a resolve to establish a commission to evaluate the flag and seal. The NFSJ testified before the Committee and staff and volunteers were at the rally on the State House steps in support of this bill.
The four other bills are addressing Native American mascots, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, educational outcomes of Native children, and the protection of Native American heritage by limiting the sale of sacred objects.
Our team was on site all day with informational packets for legislators, as well as stickers and flyers for lobby volunteers from across the Commonwealth who reached 50 state representatives and senators. Special thanks to Response and Advocacy Chair and Indigenous Peoples’ Advocacy Co-Chair Hillary Turkewitz for spearheading this initiative, and to Joanna Shea O’Brien for providing testimony at the hearing. The NFSJ will continue to stay involved in supporting the Indigenous Legislative Agenda. Letters in support of the bills are available here.

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